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- Byung-Han Hwang
82 - 42 - 6334851

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KNTeC Corporation succeeded in developing the Aroma Vitamin C filter for the first time in the world. We launched the “Aroma Sense” Luxury Shower Head in 2005.? “Aroma Sense” Shower Head is the integration of the five core technologies – Aroma therapy, Removal of residual chlorine, Vitamin C shower, Water saving and Anion shower. It is invented to produce revitalising and refreshing showers and for healthy skin and hair. Based on our accumulated know-how and technologies of over 16 years, “Aroma Sense” Shower Head is strictly manufactured following the standards of international quality certification system.

‘Aroma Sense’ is a compound word comprising ‘Aroma,’ which means ‘scent’ and ‘Sense,’ which means ‘sentiment.’
The shower head represents functional value and emotional view with the shape of eco-friendly flower petals. It has friendly and soft design. With the slogan of ‘Luxury Shower Head,’ it shows that the company aims at making the premium shower heads – the best shower heads in the world.
The basic colors are blue and white. Blue means ‘trust,’ and white means ‘cleanness.’

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